Reedsville Area School District

The Reedsville School District recognizes that each person is unique and will strive to provide experiences to develop each student to their fullest. This is accomplished by maintaining an environment that presents the opportunity to study and learn in a positive setting - a setting which promotes positive behavior and treats all with courtesy and respect.

The schools provide a strong emphasis on basics in reading, language/writing, math, science, social studies and technology. They also provide excellent instruction in vocal and instrumental music, business education, family and consumer education, physical education, art, agriculture and foreign language. In addition, numerous extra-curricular offerings are available to students.

The district takes great pride in designing education programs that meet academic, career and social needs of the students. The fact that graduates perform in an above-average manner in post-secondary settings attests to the level of education received.

Staff members in the Reedsville School District are proud to serve students, parents and community.

Reedsville Public Schools

Please visit the Reedsville Public Schools Website for information about the Reedsville Elementary/Middle School and the Reedsville High School.

Board of Education meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.

Reedsville CESA #7 Head Start

Cesa #7 Head Start is a comprehensive child and family development program targeting three and four year olds from low income households, and/or handicapped children. It is designed to assist and influence the entire family's search for growth & development.

Director: Linda Gratz 683-1960
Location: Located in the Reedsville Elementary School 754-4711

St. John - St. James Lutheran School

Founded 1874

Over 100 years ago, in 1874, the members of St. John-St. James Lutheran Church established a Lutheran Elementary School. The one purpose of that school is still its purpose today: To assist parents in carrying out their God-given duty to bring their children up in the fear and discipline of the Lord God. Since the time of its founding our school has been affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod of churches. All classes are taught from the light of God's Word, thus providing "training for time and eternity."

Grades: Pre-K to 8th

Location: 223 Manitowoc Street
Phone: 754-4432

Principal: Corey Marohn

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Bussing is provided for Reedsville students to the following schools located outside the Reedsville School District: