2019 Consumer Confidence Report

A copy of the 2019 CCR was sent to all Reedsville Utility customers.  If you did not receive it or want additional copies, the Report can be picked up at the Reedsville Municipal Building Lobby or found on the Village website:  www.reedsville.org under Utility Department tab.

Public Notice – Reedsville News

     NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there will not be a Reedsville News edition for June, July and August 2020.  The Village Board will revisit the continuation of the Reedsville News at the August 13, 2020 regularly scheduled Village Board meeting.

Public Notice – Curb-side Chipping

     NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that effective May 20, 2020, the employees of the Village of Reedsville will no longer be doing curb-side chipping in 2020.  Village residents may take their branches to an area designated near the compost site on Mud Creek Road.  The Village Board will revisit curb-side chipping in the Spring of 2021

Special Meeting, April 22, 2020

Notice is hereby given that a special meeting of the Reedsville Village Board is to be held at the Reedsville Municipal Building, located at 217 Menasha Street, Reedsville, Wisconsin on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 6:30 pm to meet with the Reedsville Fire Fighters to discuss ownership of the Reedsville Firemen’s Park